Things you should always buy frugally at either the thrift store, eBay or garage sales

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In my years of being a frugal shopper, I have found that there are some staple items that you should always buy from the thrift store, garage sales or eBay.  1) FRAMES can be used for decorating, making fun décor items and of course pictures.  2) In my experience, TOYS often get broken, so why not just buy used toys and save a bunch of money?!  3) As far as SEASONAL DECOR goes, we really only display these items for a short amount of time, so why go all out and spend crazy amounts of money on new items each year?  You can find great seasonal décor at your local thrift store or garage sales in the summer time.  Score! 🙂  4) COSTUME JEWELRY can spice up your everyday look.  There are some fantastic pieces of jewelry (we’re not talking gold, diamonds and pearls here) to be found at thrift store jewelry counters!  5) CLOTHING; you probably already knew I was going to say clothing, since this is my absolute favorite thing to buy at the thrift store.  But seriously…why not?  You will pay a small fraction of what you would pay at retail price.  Then, you just take the clothing home and give it a quick run through the washing machine.  6) DISHES.  Lastly, I have found some great pieces at the thrift store.  However, if you are looking for large complete sets, Ebay is an awesome option & may be even better than the thrift store.  I have included an affiliate link to a set of glass dishes on eBay right now.  This gorgeous set is only $20 for everything! #frugalfashion #frugaldailyliving


Today’s Frugal Fashion

Nine West for less 🙂

Do you ever just get tired of your clothes and want something new to wear?  Before I became a frugal shopper (i.e….going to the thrift store), I would want new clothes, but not look forward to paying full price and only being able to purchase one outfit at a time.    These days, when I want new clothes, I make a trip to the thrift store and purchase as many “new” pieces as I want. (granted, some of them are only “new to me”) This Nine West dress is a recent find.  It is faux see through on both sides.  I paired it with some amazing Sam Edelman booties.  The outfit looked great, but the best part is that I only paid a total of $16!


Belts, belts, belts

Belts, belts, & more belts!!

A belt can be a super cute accessory and change the whole look of an outfit.  One of my favorite frugal purchases are belts from the thrift store. Leather belts can be in the neighborhood of 20, 30, 40, 50 dollars or more.  I prefer to pay 2, 3, 4, or 5 dollars for mine.  The ones pictured here are my favorites.  So who prefers to buy 8 belts for the price of what u would pay for one leather belt in, say….The Buckle or Limited?


Turn old furniture into new frugal masterpieces

Now I’m kicking myself for not taking a “before” picture.  This white bench used to be an old buffet.  It was in my mom and step dads barn so I asked them to repurpose it by turning it into a bench & painting it white.  The cross on the wall was an old picture frame.  My mom used just the wooden frame, painted it turquoise and attached the burlap and ribbon in the shape of a cross.  My aunt made the orange pumpkin out of material, string and stuffing.  Now this is one of my favorite reading spots!

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Frugal Fashionable ‘make-it-yourself’ Jewelry

looks pricey, but loves your wallet 🙂

Who doesn’t love a deal when it comes to jewelry?  But we all know that some jewelry can be pricey.  Another alternative I happen to love is making it yourself.  Trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds.  I have about 5 dollars worth of Wal-Mart materials in this bracelet that I made for my cousin, Krissy…..but shhhh…..don’t tell her how little I have in it!   A quick You tube tutorial video and you’ll be a jewelry making “pro” (o.k, or at least feel confident enough to give it a try).  #frugalfashion

My BEST thrift store find EVER


I’ve found some pretty great things at the thrift store, but when talking about frugal fashion, these Jimmy Choo shoes take the cake!!  The last time I looked, Nordstrom was still selling these for $850.00!  Try not to drool when I tell u that I paid just $22.00! That’s why I call this my best find ever. Please comment below and tell me what your best ever frugal find was. (To comment, just click on the blog title and then the page will refresh with a comment box below the post)

Consider checking out your parents closet

Vintage cuff links
When talking about frugal fashion, don’t forget to check your parents closet. Ok, ok, so not all parents are fashionable, but some are.  My friend, Dave’s dad gave him these vintage cuff links! Talk about awesome!  You really can’t get much more frugal than when it’s free.  So, if you have fashionable parents, you might want to ask their permission to rummage through their closet!   #frugalfashion




Prettier when you pay less :)

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O.k, so you all know that I love sharing my frugal finds with you!  This classic black purse goes with almost anything.  And the best part is that it is only $17 on Ebay and shipping is FREE!  Does it get better than that?

Today’s frugal find

“waste not” on your workout gear!

Super cute work out clothing




Even workout gear can be a frugal purchase.  This top was a $2.99 thrift store find.  Sports bra was $9 from Walmart.  Pants were $12 from TJMaxx.  Fila shoes were $6.99 from the thrift store and were in like new condition; SCORE!! 🙂  Doesn’t everyone want to look cute when they’re working out and all sweaty? lol!  Coming soon, I will have links where you can purchase some of the frugal items I find!

Today’s thrifty finds

Here’s a cute thrift find:  The dress is Mossimo and cost $3.99.  The cardigan cover up was $2.99 and the tights are Arden B and cost $1.99.  The booties were not from the thrift store, but were on sale elsewhere for about 20 dollars.  So you see… is super easy to look good for less! 🙂


Some thrift store finds